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Leadership Accelerator Program

Demands of leadership have transformed drastically, making leadership development all the more critical in today’s complex and dynamic environment.

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June 13, 2023


7 weeks, online

Tuesdays, 9:00 - 11:30 am Pacific Time

Program Fee


For Your Team

Enroll your team and learn with your peers.


Whether you are looking to upskill, reskill, or simply enhance your leadership capabilities, the Leadership Accelerator Program is the perfect solution for you.

This immersive program will provide you with invaluable knowledge, tools, and strategies to advance your leadership capabilities and take your leadership to the next level.

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Key Takeaways

By the end of this program, you will be equipped with the tools to:

  • Unleash your full leadership potential by embracing the transformational power of self-awareness

  • Transform the way you lead by mastering the powerful skill of emotional intelligence

  • Exude confidence, credibility, and charisma and elevate your impact with executive presence 

  • Ignite your team and workplace by becoming a culture catalyst who drives positive and lasting change

  • Increase employee engagement and retention as an inclusive leader who inspires and empowers your team and others


Program Modules

Embark on a transformative journey with our highly skilled team of facilitators who are experts in the field of leadership. We are here to guide you every step of the way to fully discover and unlock your true leadership potential.  Get ready to unleash your hidden talents and become the leader you were meant to be.


1. Self-Reflective Leadership: Greater Self-Awareness and Impact

This module will take you on one of the most important journeys of your leadership career - the journey of self-awareness. Cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and your leadership style, and gain practical tools and strategies to take your leadership to the next level.


2. Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Strategies for Becoming a More Effective Leader

Discover your emotional intelligence strengths, recognize your potential, and leave with customized strategies for building emotional agility to support a thriving agile culture, enabling you to read and respond to the emotional needs of any situation.


3. The Power of Presence: Enhancing Your Leadership Impact

Elevate your leadership skills with executive presence! Discover how to project confidence, credibility, and charisma as a leader by mastering effective communication, body language, and emotional intelligence. Transform how others perceive you and achieve success in your personal and professional life.


4. Culture Catalysts: How Leaders Can Shape and Transform Organizations

Explore how organizational culture impacts a company’s success and how leaders shape and maintain it. Gain practical strategies for shaping and transforming organizational culture, including creating a vision, setting goals, and aligning culture with business objectives.


5. Inclusive Leadership: Benefits and Advantages of Building a Diverse and Equitable Workplace

Explore the many benefits of inclusive leadership, from increased creativity and innovation to improved employee engagement and retention. Walk away with actionable insights to promote inclusivity and foster a work environment where everyone can succeed.


6. Intentional Leadership: Building a High-Performing Cohesive Team

Learn about the Five Behaviors® of a Cohesive Team model, which provides a framework for leaders to develop high-performing teams. Walk away with practical strategies and tools to proactively build cohesive teams focusing on trust, conflict management, commitment, accountability, and achieving results.


7. Visionary Leadership: Inspiring a Bold Future

Learn how to develop and cultivate visionary leadership skills that can transform your team and organization and lead you to success.


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