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Skylim Leadership Workplace Solutions

Develop more effective talent strategies and drive behavior change across your organization using science.

We help organizations build . . .


Psychological Safety

Build a psychologically safe culture where people thrive, connect and perform at their best.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Moves beyond traditional diversity awareness training with a Skylim leadership approach to building both visible and invisible diversity.


Wellness & Resilience

Build mentally and physically strong, resilient people who can manage stress, navigate uncertainty and adapt to change.

With awareness & skills through …



We help leaders and team members gain awareness of their priorities, tendencies, and preferences and what energizes, motivates and challenges them.  We then help them translate their own self-awareness to social awareness and thereby improve communication, working relationships, and goal attainment.


Leadership Development

Unleash the potential of your leaders and their teams with Skylim leadership awareness and skills designed to improve their engagement, effectiveness, relationships and health.


Team Development

Improve the health, connection and productivity of your team by learning how to build a psychologically safe, cultural competent environment where all team members feel respected, valued and heard.


Digital Learning

Align and integrate your people with scalable learning that promotes shared awareness, understanding and language across your organization.


Keynote Briefings

Explore your organizational or leadership challenge from a Skylim leadership perspective with Skylim leadership experts.


Certification & Licensing

Equip your workforce to thrive with Everything DiSC certifications and solutions.

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